Advice about Advice

Remember the last time you were the beneficiary of a lot of advice? (What college to go to, What to do about your boyfriend/girlfriend, How to get married, How to raise children…) I am the lucky beneficiary of a lot of advice right now and somehow I forgot how to process it.

I do know […]

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CSA Sign Up

Hi all!

For those that have been hosted at my house in the spring, summer or fall- you know that for the past few years I have subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Share from a local farm. Farmers in our area sell their produce, eggs, meat, soap, or whatever they feel like raising/growing/making […]

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Sculpture is a Metaphor

I promised you back in this post to share a story about how sculpture lessons learned relate to where I am today.

My friend Deb Z invited me to take part in Bronze Buddies- a group of folks who gather on Monday nights at Deb’s studio to create bronze sculpture- and I started back in […]

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Financial Security “is” related to Dreaming

Last night Neighbor Dave and I met with our Financial Advisor, Craig, for our semi-annual appointment. We always start the appointment with a little small talk to get the juices flowing. Yesterday’s conversation, like many others, included a small update on Craig’s brother Mark.

I bet that Mark doesn’t remember me, and I probably wouldn’t […]

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Starting a Business is like Wedding Photography

This week I’ve done half home improvement, half business stuff (with some extra sleeping thrown in). My business work consists of two parts: Ideation/Conceptualizing, and Infrastructure/Set up. It seems like a chicken or egg question: what comes first, the Business Concept or the Incorporation? Should I set up the corporation, the checkbook, and the CPA […]

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This week, my first week in my new world, I made it a priority to reconnect with people and relationships that are important to me. (Given that I’m not officed downtown any longer, it’s critical to have connection time for a raging extrovert like me!)

It’s interesting to me how my “lens” and perspective […]

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Thanks to my little sis

I’ve been working with a coach, Michelle, for a few months (You can check out her blog at Among other things- lots of other things!- through coaching, I learned that there are three fundamental reasons why I do things. I haven’t found an exception yet.

Stewardship: I love to take care of things and […]

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