An Ode to the Wedge Coop (or, the retraining of my Old Brain)

Last fall, I was challenged by a new client. She’d jump on the Catalyst Cooks wagon if I could commit to:

buying Organic Fruits & Veggies, especially The Dirty Dozen buying Hormone- and Antibiotic-Free Meats


My approach to grocery shopping was built around some corner cubicle, engineer- and process-loving corporate principles. I could stop […]

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Catalyst Cooks ®

Happy New Year!

One year ago, in January 2010, I….

said goodbye to my old way of life: rise, try to shine, feel less than sparkly, go home, sleep, repeat. said hello to feeling shiny – and happy, and joyful! – by doing what I love. figured out what ‘doing what I love’ means

(What […]

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Catalysts at Christmas


You know it’s Holiday Season when:

You trade shoes for slippers (and out for in) You trade Steak for Soup The browns and golds of fall turn into greens and reds of Christmas (or blues and whites of Hannukah)

I love this time of year too!

Neighbor Dave and I broke out the […]

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Hanging with Friends, Making Pasta

I’ve been on a pasta kick.

It’s no wonder the Italians have it so good. Their food can unite just about anyone.

I wanted to share some of my pasta stories of late… pasta is love.

In spring, I visited my friend Rachel, her hubby Paul and their kids Grace, Vera and Peter in […]

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Kendall’s Favorite Paris Memory: Donuts

As Kendall mentioned in her comment from a couple posts back:

Live in the moment. (especially if, in that moment, you really want donuts).

Learn all you can. (since, in the aforementioned moment when you wanted donuts, they aren’t readily available. Crepes? Oui Mademoiselle. Donuts? What are donuts?)

And enjoy it with friends. (Donut recipe, […]

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Jen the Catalyst Cook’s first Dinner Party

SO…. there I was in Paris with a kitchen, a cookbook, and some hungry friends. I had ZERO cooking skills but I did have the seedling of desire- and a phone card. I called Pam from the telephone booth on the street (probably after having partaken in some cheap table wine, and for sure after […]

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How Jen the Catalyst became a Cook

My love of cooking didn’t ignite until I got to Paris. It was fate that brought me together with very unusual circumstances:

Unlike my classmates who were staying with families, I was staying with Mlle. Bourgain (a sweet woman in her 60s who had never been married, was a lawyer by profession, and lived in […]

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Rollin’ down the River

How in the heck did I get here from there? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

It all started here…

Jenny pondering cooking

Just kidding! As much as I love giving context or the backstory, I’m not going to start there.

Do you remember the first big decision you had to […]

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And Now for a Break from our Regular Posts…

I was talking with my mom, Pam, on Monday night. I updated her on Neighbor Dave’s and my visit to the Upper Peninsula, she talked about her weekend, and somehow that led to discussion about Grandma’s bills and paperwork. By the end of the call we were both laughing~ I think I suggested she should […]

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Business Management 101

This post is for all of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

I’ve been “practicing positivity” – which does require focus and mind control – since I left Big Corporation 4. When I decided to do this, I remember my disdain or distrust or disbelief when I met overly optimistic people (before I decided to practice […]

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