Un, Dos, Tres

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I hosted my first Crash Course Cooking Class!

The party was on! Check out our cool decor >>>

The Prep Table was ready to go- only needed some aspiring chefs Mexicanos.


We made margaritas from only the basic ingredients: Fresh-squeezed lime juice, Grand Marnier, and Tequila.

Chef James was […]

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Is this really Minneapolis?

As promised, photos from the walk Neighbor Dave and I enjoyed on Sunday, which was so beautiful it led me to procrastinate terribly (as seen in yesterday’s post.)

There was pretty blue sky and the PCF was high (PCF= “Puffy Cloud Factor” according to Dave)…

Sky over Lake Harriet Rose Garden, […]

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This week’s lunch theme: Sandwiches

The Lunch Bunch asked for burgers, but I am going to do a little takeoff on that and go for a sandwich theme this week!

I am very excited that it’s May- I put my April cooking magazines away and have broken out May editions. This week’s menu is adapted from May 2010 Cooking Light-


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I *heart* Jamie Oliver

Is it the slight underbite?

Is it the adorable way you can see his tongue when he’s being ‘cheeky’?

Is it the irreverent hair, or the irreverent attitude?

Is it the car he drives, or the way he drives it?

Maybe it’s the charm. Anyway, I’m under his spell. Yes, that’s right. Jamie, if it […]

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A Bit ‘o’ Trivia

(Repeat opening) YES- this is the Catalyst Cooks website- for the time being! I’m excited you’re here, if you typed in www.CatalystCooks.com, you are not in the wrong spot!

Some of you may be here for the first time- this blog is the story of how I started this new business.

However~ I’m doing a […]

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Dave Delivers: Favorite March Lunch Results

Hi to my Lunch people and anyone else that is interested:

I send out a weekly survey to my lunch clients to gather feedback on the lunches, serving size, microwaveability, etc. By an overwhelming majority, the group’s favorite lunch from March was coincidentally also the lunch I thought was the biggest risk for my audience: […]

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I picture the Future. It is beautiful.

I have a coaching session with Michelle 3 times per month. When I call Michelle and her cheery voice answers hello, I take a deep breath which clears my mind and puts me in a really good spot to do my work during our session. We cover a lot of ground in a half hour: […]

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My first paying customer!!!

The award goes to Lee!

Lee, who like my husband has Finnish roots, came up with the great idea that both he and Neighbor Dave should replace their take-out lunches on Tuesdays through Thursdays with home cooked lunches. Lee is getting the first-time customer discount, in exchange for some blunt feedback on how […]

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First New Monday

Is this a vacation day? It feels like one… I woke up refreshed, rested, at peace, and looking forward to my day today.

Should it feel like one, or not? Should I be feeling so good when I am “working?” What if work could feel this good? What if it will? What if my work […]

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