The week of the Salads: Catalyst Cooks’ Kitchen 5/16


Have you been too busy in the sunshine to get busy in the kitchen? I certainly felt that way this week, so when I saw a recipe flash across my Facebook timeline for Waldorf Salad, I knew I had my inspiration for this week’s meals. Cool, naturally sweet fruit combined with crunchy celery, nutty wild […]

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Squash Soup (a pantry favorite)!

Looking for an easy lunch or dinner recipe? Squash soup is just the thing. And very flexible based on what you have in your pantry.

And a way to use my favorite tool that I never knew I had to have, the Immersion blender. (more on that later)

Working at Parley […]

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August Lunches

I was talking with a lovely woman named Ketti at Parley Lake Winery the other day.

We found out that we both love cooking and teaching. She asked me if I make up my own recipes.

Somehow I always get a little embarassed by this question. No, I don’t really make up stuff out of […]

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Kansas City – Oh How I love your BBQ

I had the pleasure of cooking lunch for some fine dudes and dudettes today, after a two week respite.

I wanted to do something really special. And Kansas City BBQ jumped right off the pages of my July 2007 Cooking Light. I adapted a few recipes and Lunch Buddies- hope you love them tomorrow as […]

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Lunch Bunch week of July 19

Hey lunch buddies!

There is some special stuff cooking up for you this week.

Today, you’ll enjoy a zucchini, sausage and feta casserole.

Wednesday, it’s Kansas City Barbequed Chicken with KC Style potato salad.

Thursday, Chicken and Bacon roll ups.


Have a great week…

Grilled Shrimp Kebabs, and how to cut a Pineapple

For the Lunch Bunch today, you’ll be getting a summer special: Grilled Shrimp Kebabs with onion and fresh pineapple, served over rice with a sprig of cilantro.

I started with Soy, Rice Vinegar, and Sesame Oil.

Mixed them together (roughly 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar and 1 part soy),

and used it […]

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Lunches week of June 14

Hi Lunch Buddies- forgot to tell you what I’m making you this week!

I had an explosion of Red Peppers (was testing my roasted red pepper tapenade)~ so on Tuesday, lunch buddies will be eating: Baked Barley Stuffed Peppers (modified from the St. Paul Farmers Market Produce Cookbook) – with ground beef; Bread & Grapes


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Lunches this week… the afterthought

Yes- I did take the weekend ‘off’

Yes- I did skip Tuesday’s lunch

No- I haven’t been to the grocery store since then

Yes- I did make lunches this week!

Wednesday: Apple Bratwurst with fresh corn salad

Thursday: Homemade breaded and baked Italian chicken with salad and Red wine vinaigrette

(it’s great to have a […]

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Yo-de-lay-HEE-hoo, Ole! (or, the Swiss Enchiladas)

Last week, I made Swiss Enchiladas for the Lunch bunch. As I was prepping, I was thinking about my dear friend (who shall remain nameless) who has never cut an onion.

Now, I may not be America’s Next Iron Chef and I may not have the onion cutting mad skillz of your favorite classically trained […]

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Lunches this Week: Random

I’m not sure what to call this week’s lunches- certainly “themed” isn’t the word. Maybe “bookended”?? You be the judge!

Tuesday will be pork wild rice burgers from Husnik’s meat, paired with a fruit salad.

Wednesday will be Swiss Enchiladas with a side salad and light vinaigrette.

Thursday will be Applegate Farms Natural chicken patties […]

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