Business Management 101

This post is for all of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

I’ve been “practicing positivity” – which does require focus and mind control – since I left Big Corporation 4. When I decided to do this, I remember my disdain or distrust or disbelief when I met overly optimistic people (before I decided to practice […]

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My weekend at Parley Lake Winery, and a little Santa Claus thrown in

It’s a good week!

I’m relaxing after a great weekend at the Parley Lake Winery Tasting Room, where I’ll be managing this summer and fall. The University of Minnesota is developing grapes that can withstand our cold Minnesota winters (without special treatment). My good friends Steve & Deb Zeller, in partnership with Lin and Bonnie […]

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Making a Name (for my business & myself)

I’ve broken through this brief episode of “writer’s block” using one of my favorite tools- a version of an Affinity Diagram! (Yes, all of that stuff I learned in Six Sigma is still helpful to me! YEAH!)

I started writing down the words (one per post-it) that I want to be associated with my business; […]

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Storyboards in my Head

I’ve had a picture floating in my brain for about five days now. It’s a picture of a Dude or a Gal or a Couple in the middle of a page. I even had a dream where Lee showed up in the middle of the page – maybe he’s my archetype client.

Yes, I’m disturbed […]

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With the Help of my Friends…

For an extrovert like me, nothing like a little collaboration with others to get me out of a “writer’s block” funk.

Thanks to my friends Jill & Allen for hosting me on Saturday and facilitating a great brainstorming session on business concepts. I am summarizing the results, organizing them (see previous post on Organization) and […]

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A post on confidence

I’m here at my kitchen table office, looking at the fantastic and unfortunately empty bottle of 2004 Piattelli Cab from Argentina. It was cheap when I bought it and delicious when I drank it on Wednesday.

It’s Friday!

I’m pushing forward. I’m in a bit of an uncomfortable spot. Can you tell? I’m […]

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It’s Sunny (in my world anyway)

I took the day off from writing yesterday so I wouldn’t bore the pants off of you!

Sometimes a thought comes to me on a subject I should write about in the blog. Then another sometimes, I write it down so I don’t forget it. I haven’t had one of those thoughts yet this week.


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Advice about Advice

Remember the last time you were the beneficiary of a lot of advice? (What college to go to, What to do about your boyfriend/girlfriend, How to get married, How to raise children…) I am the lucky beneficiary of a lot of advice right now and somehow I forgot how to process it.

I do know […]

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Sculpture is a Metaphor

I promised you back in this post to share a story about how sculpture lessons learned relate to where I am today.

My friend Deb Z invited me to take part in Bronze Buddies- a group of folks who gather on Monday nights at Deb’s studio to create bronze sculpture- and I started back in […]

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My first paying customer!!!

The award goes to Lee!

Lee, who like my husband has Finnish roots, came up with the great idea that both he and Neighbor Dave should replace their take-out lunches on Tuesdays through Thursdays with home cooked lunches. Lee is getting the first-time customer discount, in exchange for some blunt feedback on how […]

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