The New Lifestyle

Musings on the changes we’ve made here at the Antila household (compared to one year ago).

Purchased > Homemade (Buy > Make)

Eat out > Eat in

Pay for it > Do it ourselves (like cleaning or shoveling or lawn mowing)

Follow someone else’s rules > Make the rules

Rote > Creative

Normal > Experiment


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Catalyst Cooks ®

Happy New Year!

One year ago, in January 2010, I….

said goodbye to my old way of life: rise, try to shine, feel less than sparkly, go home, sleep, repeat. said hello to feeling shiny – and happy, and joyful! – by doing what I love. figured out what ‘doing what I love’ means

(What […]

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Plateaus and the Beekeeper’s Dream


A leveling out. A period of relatively little or no change. Flatness.

That’s what I think about when I think about a plateau. I feel like I’m on one.

Some days I feel like napping. Resting. Flattening out, myself.

Why? Why did my energy dip? Is it the chill in the air, the hard […]

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Make Hummus (or hummous, as you like) from scratch

I love to have business meetings at my house. We get the panoramic view of what’s happening on the street, in the backyard, and at the neighbor’s from my office.

Yesterday I was lucky to host Faith, wellness coach and woman of action! We shared some stories, brainstormed some ideas (look for a Catalyst Cooks […]

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A Teaching and Learning Week

This week has been great fun. It’s all yin and yang, back and forth. Boomerang: throw it out there, it comes back to you.

Teach and Learn.

On Tuesday, I took the Grocery Shopping Class (led by the lovely Stacy Klone) at Byerly’s in Ridgedale. Lee, my first paying customer, accompanied me- I wanted to […]

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Catalyst Cooks Future Classes…

At this point in developing the company, I’m drafting a course offering and would love your comments and feedback.

Here goes…. take a look and please comment on what looks interesting and would bring life into your kitchen (or in the kitchens of people you know!)


My first class just […]

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In the birth of a business, money is very important. I plan on getting a nice income from my business, so I need someone to help me store it and I need another person to help me keep track of it and stay on the good side of the IRS. 🙂

So this week, I […]

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Get My Networking Game On

Printed 120 of these: Business Card R4 ?


Making tomorrow’s lunches early this morning so I’m ready to go at 11am?

not quite check, but going to be checked.

Wearing my cute skirt and blazer?

check. (could this be dangerous for the cooking I’m planning? probably.)

Ready for Networking!

Well, sort of. I need […]

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IDEA! = Action (Activator, Maximizer) *impatience* > Experience > Patience

My standard tagline this week: Welcome to the temporary home of Catalyst Cooks. This is about me establishing this business, so you’re not in the wrong spot! Planning for the official site is happening now… so there will be a big debut sometime soon!

***update: new site is up as of April 1st 2012- proof […]

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My Company has a Name!

I’ve been brainstorming…

and Brainstorming…

Thinking about how people will feel when interacting with my business; thinking about what I want this business to represent; pondering what else is out there and how I will grab a niche; thinking about my BRAND.

Using the dictionary, the thesaurus (both traditional and visual), polling others. […]

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