An Ode to the Wedge Coop (or, the retraining of my Old Brain)

Last fall, I was challenged by a new client. She’d jump on the Catalyst Cooks wagon if I could commit to:

buying Organic Fruits & Veggies, especially The Dirty Dozen buying Hormone- and Antibiotic-Free Meats


My approach to grocery shopping was built around some corner cubicle, engineer- and process-loving corporate principles. I could stop […]

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The New Lifestyle

Musings on the changes we’ve made here at the Antila household (compared to one year ago).

Purchased > Homemade (Buy > Make)

Eat out > Eat in

Pay for it > Do it ourselves (like cleaning or shoveling or lawn mowing)

Follow someone else’s rules > Make the rules

Rote > Creative

Normal > Experiment


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Catalyst Cooks ®

Happy New Year!

One year ago, in January 2010, I….

said goodbye to my old way of life: rise, try to shine, feel less than sparkly, go home, sleep, repeat. said hello to feeling shiny – and happy, and joyful! – by doing what I love. figured out what ‘doing what I love’ means

(What […]

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But I Digress (or, the correlation of aging and work)

Yesterday, my friend Jennifer forwarded an article entitled “Are we Joyless working machines?”

I happen to be listening to a book on tape entitled “Three Cups of Tea.”

And I went to a winery event last night.

What do these three things have to do with each other, you ask? Well- I’m thinking today about […]

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Prose, Anyone?

Not sure if this counts as high-falutin’ poetry, but I’m proud of the message, even if it wouldn’t make the list of Greatest poems. Check out my Guest Blogger post at my coach Michelle’s website!

For those of you coming here from there- welcome! Please dive in and read the crazy joy that I am […]

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Thanks to my little sis

I’ve been working with a coach, Michelle, for a few months (You can check out her blog at Among other things- lots of other things!- through coaching, I learned that there are three fundamental reasons why I do things. I haven’t found an exception yet.

Stewardship: I love to take care of things and […]

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If I had a Dollar…

for all of the fantastic and validating messages lately…

“You’re so brave/lucky/supported”

“You look so happy/relieved/joyful”

“I wish…”

… I’d be a rich woman today.

But oh yes, I already am, because happiness and joy cannot be purchased with money!

What brings richness to your life? What are the best words of encouragement you’ve […]

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Last Old Monday

One week from today I start my new Mondays! I want to look forward to getting up and “going to work.” What will that mean to me next week?

I want to establish a routine – get up early. My friend’s words are on my brain: “inactivity is your enemy.”

I want to listen […]

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You say goodbye, I say hello

Saying goodbye to my ways of worklife is bittersweet. I so appreciate my friends and colleagues, I cherish each relationship I’ve developed over the past two years at my current “home away from home” (is that an appropriate term for the place where I spend 90% of my waking hours??)

As my coach has guided […]

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The beginning of the end

I’m Jen the catalyst – I make things happen. Today, I announced my resignation from a large Fortune 50 retailer to begin something new. What, you ask? I’m not sure yet. I know it’s going to be something great!