Easy Pico de Gallo Salsa recipe


Was it already two years ago that I hosted my first class?

It was Cinco de Mayo and we enjoyed homemade margaritas, salsa, guacamole, and other Mexican-inspired yumminess.

Today I whipped up some pico de gallo and thought I’d share the recipe as we get closer to the weekend, May 5, and the Cinco de […]

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What’s Cooking in the Catalyst Cooks Kitchen 4/18


Note to self: the week after Easter and Passover, you can find great deals on ham, turkey and brisket!

I indulged and purchased a whole turkey at the Wedge Coop~ raised by Larry Schultz. For those of you that host Thanksgiving, you know that $1.99/lb is not the best deal for a turkey… but I’ll […]

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Date night at Travail


Neighbor Dave and I enjoyed a great night at Travail a couple weeks ago. We got a ten course tasting menu to share for $65 on Tuesday night (which is one of two date nights per week Travail hosts). I’d highly recommend you check out their restaurant- the food was surprising, the chefs’ skill amazing, […]

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Thai Pork Stew Recipe

I awoke to find my favorite kind of message in my inbox:

Hi darling, I’m craving that pulled pork peanut butter thai crockpot dinner thing you made for Mom and Dad once…and made for G and me at your house,too. Could you send me the recipe, please? -Amy

This means:

I made something memorable! Not […]

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Getting Real


It’s easy to enjoy the creature comforts of home. It took a visit to the doctor to shake up my comfort zone.

Smiling all day, living my best life, doesn’t mean that my body is immune from the effects of age, genetics, and lifestyle. I was so disappointed to learn a few weeks back that […]

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Philly and Farro and Fennel… oh my!


This week in the Catalyst Cooks Kitchen, we’ve got some fun food goin’ on. We’ve gone from 85 degrees in March to 55 in April, and as an homage to the bipolar seasons, my menu choices this week reflect warm comfort soup as well as hopeful and more ambitious spring flavors (carrot and kumquat.)

There […]

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What’s Cooking in the Kitchen this week 3/21

The kitchen (and grill, for the first time this season) has been buzzing!

Want to hear what’s been cooking in my kitchen this week? Well, I got my Cooking Light April magazine last week and decided to comb it for seasonal recipes. I never follow recipes exactly anymore- but I did choose three to modify.


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Ham & Navy Bean Soup


Are you busy? No time to cook? Why not make it easy on yourself (and cheaper than going out, too!)

Here’s a quick recipe that take just a little bit of planning and delivers a lot of goodness to your soup bowl.

Using dried beans saves money (and they take up less space in […]

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Family Dinner

Hey! Day after the big website launch and I’m back to cooking. Am I the only one out there who scratches my head wondering what I should cook for dinner tonight?

Sister Molly called Monday wondering if I was free to have dinner with Dad Tuesday (yesterday). I paused a moment wondering if I’d be […]

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Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is here! Thanksgiving is here!

It’s my 10th anniversary hosting Thanksgiving… after ten years, I’ve learned a lot about cooking and hosting. But even better, with a bit of age and more lessons under my belt, I’ve become even more thankful for the special people in my life, the fun times we’ve had, and […]

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