Thai Pork Stew Recipe

I awoke to find my favorite kind of message in my inbox:

Hi darling, I’m craving that pulled pork peanut butter thai crockpot dinner thing you made for Mom and Dad once…and made for G and me at your house,too. Could you send me the recipe, please? -Amy

This means:

I made something memorable! Not […]

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Family Dinner

Hey! Day after the big website launch and I’m back to cooking. Am I the only one out there who scratches my head wondering what I should cook for dinner tonight?

Sister Molly called Monday wondering if I was free to have dinner with Dad Tuesday (yesterday). I paused a moment wondering if I’d be […]

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Cook yourself a fantastic Chinese New Year Dinner

Happy Year of the Dragon- 2012!

I love to cook Chinese New Year Dinner… where an even number of courses are good luck. This past weekend, Bartender Steve and his Heidi were the lucky winners of this year’s 6 course Chinese New Year dinner. Take a look at the video to learn how to make […]

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Thanksgiving Week is Here!

Number one Question on the minds of Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses everywhere:

How do I make sure I serve a moist Thanksgiving Turkey?

Here are Jen the Catalyst’s Top Tips for a great Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Begin the Great Brining Thaw on Sunday.

Why brine? Brining allows the Turkey to absorb more water before […]

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At the Marin Market

Catalyst Cooks is in Marin County, California. There is a beautiful market on Sunday mornings that we went to today, in search of yummy, organic produce and cheese. I’ll be cooking up a dinner party or two, on the road!

pretty breads,

lots of people, tents, and a great skyline…

flowers flowers […]

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Catalyst Cooks : On the Road!

Does this sound good to you?

Crash Course: Cooking Party for Four!

Cooks of all levels: Come together in my kitchen – or yours – to whip up a meal based on a theme: Bastille Day!

I’ll provide food, two bottles of wine and instruction; you’ll come and learn how to assemble and cook […]

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Catalyst Cooks’ take on Mayslacks Roast Beef – ‘Jenstyle’

As a result of my onion cutting post, I received a lot of mail about other theories on how to cut an onion. So I decided to host an Onion Throwdown and host the world’s foremost knife wielders to demonstrate different methods of cutting an onion. OK, maybe it was the best knife wielder in […]

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Un, Dos, Tres

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I hosted my first Crash Course Cooking Class!

The party was on! Check out our cool decor >>>

The Prep Table was ready to go- only needed some aspiring chefs Mexicanos.


We made margaritas from only the basic ingredients: Fresh-squeezed lime juice, Grand Marnier, and Tequila.

Chef James was […]

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A Teaching and Learning Week

This week has been great fun. It’s all yin and yang, back and forth. Boomerang: throw it out there, it comes back to you.

Teach and Learn.

On Tuesday, I took the Grocery Shopping Class (led by the lovely Stacy Klone) at Byerly’s in Ridgedale. Lee, my first paying customer, accompanied me- I wanted to […]

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Catalyst Cooks Future Classes…

At this point in developing the company, I’m drafting a course offering and would love your comments and feedback.

Here goes…. take a look and please comment on what looks interesting and would bring life into your kitchen (or in the kitchens of people you know!)


My first class just […]

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