Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is here! Thanksgiving is here!

It’s my 10th anniversary hosting Thanksgiving… after ten years, I’ve learned a lot about cooking and hosting. But even better, with a bit of age and more lessons under my belt, I’ve become even more thankful for the special people in my life, the fun times we’ve had, and […]

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I have a Meat to Grind: Meat Grinding and Meat Grinders

Let me introduce you to one of my many favorite kitchen appliances… my meat grinder.

The backstory: I won a gift certificate for doing a good job at work in 2005, and coincidentally on the same day made Swedish Meatballs with my favorite meatball combination: half ground beef and half ground pork.

Wouldn’t you know […]

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And What to Do with that Homemade Pasta? (a Quick Recipe)

If you’ve experimented with the Homemade Pasta Recipe I posted yesterday, you probably want a quick sauce to go with it.

I got up this morning and prepared my lunch for this afternoon:

I took some bacon out of my freezer and ran it under cool water. While it quickly defrosted, I put a […]

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Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer…

But we can fix that!!!

I’ve been taking some time away from the blog, in order to make my knife a little sharper- literally and figuratively.

I’m “getting a taste” of life in the kitchen. I knew how to put together a mean dinner party before… but now I’m learning how to do it the […]

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Thanksgiving Week is Here!

Number one Question on the minds of Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses everywhere:

How do I make sure I serve a moist Thanksgiving Turkey?

Here are Jen the Catalyst’s Top Tips for a great Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Begin the Great Brining Thaw on Sunday.

Why brine? Brining allows the Turkey to absorb more water before […]

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Snow Day Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Yesterday, it snowed. and snowed. and snowed!

I wanted to be in the kitchen… not the car. I wanted to bake… not shop. So I raided my pantry.

I had pumpkin, but no milk. Flour, but no whipping cream.

I found a recipe at (Oxmoor House, June ’07) that was easily adaptable for what […]

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Can your own Apple Butter

(Chef Ron, this one is for you!)

‘Tis the season- I’ve been collecting beautiful leaves, bought a humongo pumpkin to put on the hay bale out front, and have a bowl of squash sitting in the middle of my table.

I bought beautiful apples- SweeTango, Honeycrisp, and Haralson.

We ate the first two, but […]

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Make Healthy Holidays Happen!

(Great things are often a surprise. So it is with my friend Faith– we met, clicked, and wanted to collaborate right away! Here is a blog post we wrote together introducing this great collaboration…)

The holidays evoke memories of family gatherings, traditions, warm hues of orange and brown and the deep reds of the changing […]

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Thanksgiving Primer III

I like the number three- everything seems to come in trifectas!

Thanksgiving is no exception- where the First Part is guests/menu, the Second Part is sketching out what needs to be done and asking for help, and the third part is:

Actually doing it.

The week before Thanksgiving is such a rush!

And yes, I […]

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Thanksgiving Primer II

Like most anything else, if I break a big big thing down into smaller pieces, it doesn’t seem so unwieldly. Thanksgiving is like that too.

I like to think of Thanksgiving in three parts. Part One is to figure who is coming, and what (and how much) we’ll have to eat.

You can learn all […]

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