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Happy New Year!

One year ago, in January 2010, I….

said goodbye to my old way of life: rise, try to shine, feel less than sparkly, go home, sleep, repeat. said hello to feeling shiny – and happy, and joyful! – by doing what I love. figured out what ‘doing what I love’ means

(What […]

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Catalysts at Christmas


You know it’s Holiday Season when:

You trade shoes for slippers (and out for in) You trade Steak for Soup The browns and golds of fall turn into greens and reds of Christmas (or blues and whites of Hannukah)

I love this time of year too!

Neighbor Dave and I broke out the […]

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Plateaus and the Beekeeper’s Dream


A leveling out. A period of relatively little or no change. Flatness.

That’s what I think about when I think about a plateau. I feel like I’m on one.

Some days I feel like napping. Resting. Flattening out, myself.

Why? Why did my energy dip? Is it the chill in the air, the hard […]

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