Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is here! Thanksgiving is here!

It’s my 10th anniversary hosting Thanksgiving… after ten years, I’ve learned a lot about cooking and hosting. But even better, with a bit of age and more lessons under my belt, I’ve become even more thankful for the special people in my life, the fun times we’ve had, and […]

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Enjoy Fall! Quick Homemade Applesauce Recipe

What to do with those ugly-but-good apples? Get a great piece of pork and make some applesauce to go with it!

I went to my friend Rebekah’s last week to finalize the new Catalyst Cooks mark and design. I can’t wait to share a new, action-oriented, fun logo with you in the near future… […]

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Thanksgiving Primer III

I like the number three- everything seems to come in trifectas!

Thanksgiving is no exception- where the First Part is guests/menu, the Second Part is sketching out what needs to be done and asking for help, and the third part is:

Actually doing it.

The week before Thanksgiving is such a rush!

And yes, I […]

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Catalyst Cooks’ take on Mayslacks Roast Beef – ‘Jenstyle’

As a result of my onion cutting post, I received a lot of mail about other theories on how to cut an onion. So I decided to host an Onion Throwdown and host the world’s foremost knife wielders to demonstrate different methods of cutting an onion. OK, maybe it was the best knife wielder in […]

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The Making of the Burgers

Applegate Farms Turkey Burgers – Yum!

Yesterday, I made Burgers Mexicanos for Lunch (since I had ripe avocadoes and tomatoes to use.)

Ready for the grill

I get to preview the lunch!

I love homemade bread, and I love to spoil the lunch bunch. So when I got up yesterday morning, […]

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Traditional Lunch is the April winner

For the month of April, which ranged from crazy Turkey sightings to Beach Visits, the Lunch Club’s favorite meal was a traditional one: Chicken Pot Pie in ramekins.

The word Ramekin is so cool, and the single-serving dishes are so cute- that must be why this dish won! Presentation is important!

Adapted from April 2007 […]

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