Personal Chef

Catalyst Cooks makes your Kitchen Happen

In-Home Entertaining

For a Chef’s fee of $450 (for up to 10 people) – you choose from a selection of cuisines, I design a custom menu with up to four courses, wine pairings and dinnerware/servingware list.  I grocery shop (cost of food added to your invoice), prepare, and bring an assistant to help me cook a fantastic meal or buffet at your site.  Your guests will be treated to fantastic food, and your host enjoys walking into a clean kitchen after dinner.

Prepared Meals

For $50 per hour plus food costs, Catalyst Cooks will come to your home to prepare a fridge full of healthy meals, packaged for you and your family.  Looking to introduce more from-scratch cooking to your diet?  Increase the amount of fresh veggies, healthy meats, and variety in your life?  This is the perfect option for people on-the-go who are looking for great, fresh, healthy meal alternatives that are in your home, ready to cook when you are ready to eat.

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