Have you ever wanted to do more in your kitchen?

Improve the health, quality, and taste of the food you eat every day?

Host a cooking lesson in your own home, featuring a menu you’ve wanted to learn or skills you’ve wanted to try?

Well, Catalyst Cooks has just the thing for you  (and we’ll figure it out together- Catalyst Cooks makes it easy)!

When armed with how to grocery shop, knife skills, and cooking techniques- you’ll be shopping and cooking faster than ever! (Not to mention eating healthier meals made from organic/local fresh foods).

Be the Superhero of your Kitchen with Catalyst Cooks

Let’s get together in your kitchen for some cooking coaching!  Tell us your cooking goals, and we’ll develop a plan.  Or make things easy and choose one of our classes from the list below.  You’ll have a great experience and walk away with more kitchen confidence and knowledge.  Perfect for individuals, couples, and families who want to have fun while learning practical, important life skills.

Canned Classes:

$100 each includes 2 hour class + ingredients for up to four people at your home  (more students are $15 each, any requested changes to class content or ingredients at additional cost)

  • Knife Skills (seasonal recipes)
  • Homemade Pasta
  • Cooking without a Recipe: Mexican, Greek, Italian, Asian, or Seasonal
  • No-knead Bread, Dough and Rolls

A la Carte Cooking Classes/Consultation:

Choose what and how you want to learn

  • $200 “Abbreviated Basics”- One hands-on cooking lesson (3 hours), covering the basics of: meat theory, stock/sauces, knife skills, or veggies/grains/legumes (vegetarian/vegan options available)
  • $600 “Confidence Builder”- Four hands-on customized cooking lessons (2 hours each), covering knife skills/care, protein theory (meat, poultry, pork, fish, vegetarian), and a broader/deeper range of techniques based on what you are most interested in learning
  • $50 – One hour phone consultation- anything cooking related: menu planning, stocking your pantry, cooking tips, burning questions on your mind!

Next, for a cooking lesson, have the right food on hand:


  • Free – you take the shopping list I provide and shop before class
  • $50 – Market – we’ll tour your grocery store and you’ll learn how to shop the fresh and healthy way
  • $100 – I shop for you and bring the grocery list (cost of food also added to invoice)

Catalyst Cooks are ready to make things happen in your kitchen – contact us today and we’ll customize a package for you and your needs!

Catalyst Cooks comes to Your Company

For a Chef’s fee of $600 (for up to 20 people) – Come together in your Corporate meeting room for a lunch hour cooking lesson.  I’ll cover the cooking part; you’ll learn seasonal cooking tips; you’ll leave with a taste, recipes, and new healthy cooking tricks up your sleeve!

Contact Catalyst Cooks to learn more about setting up a class at your home or office!