My Kitchen 8/22

Is it true I haven’t blogged for a month?  Egads.

The Winery has been keeping me busy.  I love serving wine to people.  I found myself doing it last night again, with my new neighbors.  I can’t stop even when I’m on my own time.

I’m still managing to do some fun meals every other week.  This week features a beet fascination.  Thank goodness I have other people in my life who love my food, because Neighbor Dave hates beets.  Even the cute yellow ones, which I bought this week.

First I cut off the greens and washed them.  I sauteed them in a bit of olive oil and once they had reduced by half, I squeezed some lemon juice on them and covered the pan so they could soften.

Next I roasted the beets in their skins, by poking some holes in each one and putting them in a small roasting pan with a cover and a bit of water.  They take about 45 minutes to an hour in a 350 degree oven, til they are not firm to the touch.

I set the beets aside to cool off, and made some pasta.  I pulled together a quick ravioli filling by putting some toasted walnuts, bleu cheese and mascarpone into the food processor until they formed a cheese ball (added some salt and pepper as it processed).

After making the ravioli, I decided to pan fry them instead of boiling them.  I put some canola in a cast iron skillet and heated it over medium-high heat and flash-fried the ravioli for a couple minutes on each side, putting them on a cooling rack to dry.

By now the beets are cooled so I skinned them and cut them into cute little slices (perfect circles that show the growth circles inside the yellow beets- my favorite color and so happy!)

To serve, I put the greens on a plate, covered with beet circles, and put the ravioli on top.  It looks so pretty but tastes even better.


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  • Mi

    Sounds great! They love beets in Poland! One of the common side salads is shredded beats-I growing more found and would love to try with your ravioli!

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