The New Lifestyle

Musings on the changes we’ve made here at the Antila household (compared to one year ago).

Purchased > Homemade  (Buy > Make)

Eat out > Eat in

Pay for it > Do it ourselves (like cleaning or shoveling or lawn mowing)

Follow someone else’s rules > Make the rules

Rote > Creative

Normal > Experiment

Go out > Host here

Rigid schedule > Flexibility

Follow someone else’s plan > Make my own plan

Wear Business Casual > Wear an apron

What change are you a big fan of?  What should I think about doing next?

4 comments to The New Lifestyle

  • Love it! I’ve made many of these same changes over the last few years (except I traded business casual for yoga pants!). It feels great, doesn’t it. I feel as though I am much more in control of my life and I realize I don’t need so many of the things I once considered necessities. And, I actually enjoy many of the tasks I used to pay others to do. Enjoy Jen!

  • I’m with you on this! So many similarities to my own lifestyle since we share the corporate-to-freelance move. I’m looking to go back to corporate (for a little while) and realize my wardrobe consists of the same clothes I had 2 years ago when I left (and barely fit into thanks to all my eating jobs).

    Even with a paycheck, I am looking forward to continuing the eat in, host here, and experiment points due to the value that results from those experiences.

    • Crystal, I’m so glad you’re hanging onto what works even as you make changes in your worklife! I too think my changes will be permanent… somehow I am really getting off on making my own laundry detergent these days 🙂

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