It’s July, where have I been?

Sometimes, real life happens… I’ve missed blogging in the past couple of weeks!


Three years ago today, I married Neighbor Dave.  What can I say, he is the absolute best.

When we were newly dating, I found this picture of him online.

It was from a business conference website.

I doctored it up to show my friends the “new” cutie I was seeing.  He seemed to like my editorial job- yet another reason I liked him so much!

As we got to know each other, we learned a couple of things that cemented our love.

We both have great “peeps.”

And we both like beer.

We especially like having beer with great peeps.

Especially, especially if it’s a special event like Bockfest.

It was meant to be.

I learned that Dave likes food.

It may not be the same food I like.

He generally eats, and mostly enjoys, what I cook.

And when he’s lucky enough to get out on the road

(and enjoy chili five ways instead of Jenny five ways)

he likes to take pictures to bring home and show & tell what he’s eaten.

Isn’t that cute.

(no.  I won’t be making this recipe at home.)

We love watching sports.

Dave brought Saints season tickets into our relationship.

I brought Vikings season tickets.

Dave easily adopted to my Viking ways,

and even downloaded the Jared Allen app to make me nice and funny photos.

Last year on this day, we were sitting on the Bir Hakeim Bridge in Paris, awaiting the fireworks celebrating our two year anniversary.

This year, we’re taking a trip to a strange land- St. Paul- to reminisce about what we were doing three years ago today.

What a joy to be married to Neighbor Dave!

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