Pasta Week: Kid Cooks Part III- Finale

In yesterday’s post, we covered the kneading of the pasta dough (and how kids will tackle anything without fear!)

Today’s final installment is about taking it home… from a tube of pasta dough to a bowl of yummy pasta, ready to eat.

By the way, please check out our course offerings tab or on Facebook if you’re interested in enrolling your kids in a pasta class!

Hazel, cutting equivalent pasta "pillows"

Mary and Matt, squeezing each "pillow" into an "ear" of orecchiette

Finished! Ready to boil.

We cut the pasta into equal, finger-width pieces, and squeezed each piece to make an ‘ear’ of pasta.

Fresh pasta is ready for the boiling water, and trust me: it doesn’t take very long when the pasta isn’t dried!

Ever seen pasta braids?

All of the kids experimented with new shapes-

braids, stars, an iPad…

I loved the imagination and creativity.

Once the pasta was done boiling,

we added butter and parmesan

(or didn’t for those that like their pasta plain)

and ate it!

Hazel is proud of her final product!

Mary loved her creation.

Evie giving us a close up!


Last but not least: It’s the first official Catalyst Cooks YouTube Video!  Check it out below!

This video is an abbreviated version of the Pasta lesson.  Thanks to Jen H for not only taking great pics, but taking video too!



2 comments to Pasta Week: Kid Cooks Part III- Finale

  • AWESOME!!! Love the pics of the kids and the great video. It made me smile all the way through. Congrats, Jen, on such a cool business…you’re helping others have FUN with food.

    • Thanks Michelle! It was fun making it… the kids enjoyed it too!

      Best part (didn’t make the video) was when my former next door neighbor, Matthew, asked me if – since I was teaching now – he “should call me Mrs. Woods…. oh wait, that’s not your name now is it…. since you got married… and I was there.” Cute!

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