Pasta Week: Kid Cooks Part I- Prep

Last weekend, I hosted a class of cuties who wanted to learn how to make homemade pasta.  I am so looking forward to sharing that fun with you!

This post is all about the prep.  For those of you who are parents, and have many birthday parties and holidays under your belt- you know that work up front means more fun at the back end.  I wanted to make sure that my Kid Cooks had a great time!

So first- I thought about where I’d host the class.  I decided we’d all fit well around the dining room table- perfect space to teach in, plus allows the kids to sit or stand as they wish.  It also happens to be the perfect ‘counter height’ for the kids to prep and knead their own pasta.

Then I thought about ingredients and tools.  The morning of the class, I made sure it was ready to go when the kids arrived.

To make pasta, it’s simple- that’s why pasta is so fun to teach to kids.

All you need is:



Measuring Cups

(Tools to roll out the dough or cut are optional!)

Thanks Jen H!!!!

Next, I lined up an awesome photographer/videographer. 

I wanted to be sure to get this fun class on film!

Finally, on Saturday at 1p, the kids arrived.  I made sure the first stop was to thoroughly wash hands.

We sang the Happy Birthday song while each person washed- since a proper hand washing takes 20 seconds.

As we sat down at the table, I saw 4 pair of bright eyes anxious to get started! 

Then it was off we went, making pasta…. to be continued in Part II!

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