Tis the Season (for Fruit Salsa)

I’m a big fan of seasonal cooking.

Meaning: I love to cook based on what’s in season.

I think this really kicked in for me when I first joined a local farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, see my post here.)

I noticed a correlation – the produce I got from my farmer was also the produce on sale at the market and also had a great flavor-

Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

Strawberry abundance + Grilling weather = Fruit Salsa (to accompany grilled pork!  Perfect!)

The Fruit and Vegetable Bath

First, I wash my fruit as soon as I get home from the market.

I use cool water and a bit of dish soap (I like Meyers) and soak the fruits and veggies for a few minutes.

I also gently scrub the ones with firm surfaces (think peppers or apples) with a vegetable brush.

Yesterday, when the fruits were done bathing, I dried them off with a clean dish towel and organized them on my cutting board.

Then I opened my bottle of Parley Lake Winery Chardonnay, the perfect partner for the spiced pork and fruit salsa… and cooking companion too!

Fruits ready to be sals-i-fied!

For this version of fruit salsa, I used:

1/2 Melon

1/3 Red Onion

6 large strawberries

1/4 cucumber

1 jalapeno

1 lime

1/2 T Agave Nectar

Dried Basil & Mint to taste (or you can use fresh, but I didn’t have any)

A bit of salt

First, I de-seeded the cucumber and jalapeno and melon.

Next, I chopped the fruits into small pieces (make sure not to include the skin of the cucumber or melon!)

I selected a pretty bowl to show off the vibrant colors of the ingredients.

I don’t use metal as a general rule with foods that are acidic, as it may impart a metallic taste into the food.

I chose a white antique bowl from a set I got from my Grandma, via my mom.

I love these dishes, they are so simple and elegant!

Next, I squeezed the lime juice onto the salsa.

Finally… after the lime juice was added, I squeezed the Agave Nectar over the salsa and sprinkled the top with a bit of salt, dried mint, and dried basil.

I’ll leave the basil and mint on the top until it’s served, because it adds a bit of dimension to the appearance.

When I serve it, I’ll mix it together and put it on the plate as a side for grilled pork tenderloin or pork chops.

I figure it will make about 6 servings.  Once you’ve made it, please refrigerate- you can store it for a couple of days.

To adjust for fewer people, I would use a different fruit instead of the melon, or buy one of the small containers with a pre-chopped single helping of melon.


Fruit Salsa! Perfect as a side for pork or other grilled meat.

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