Kendall’s Favorite Paris Memory: Donuts

As Kendall mentioned in her comment from a couple posts back:

Live in the moment. (especially if, in that moment, you really want donuts).

Learn all you can.  (since, in the aforementioned moment when you wanted donuts, they aren’t readily available.  Crepes?  Oui Mademoiselle.  Donuts?  What are donuts?)

And enjoy it with friends. (Donut recipe, preparation, and final product: made up as I went along.  Make sure a friend is there to verify that it actually happened, and to remember the donut as better than it was.)

In summary: when life gives you crepes, make yourself a donut.

Not sure what that means, but it sounds good.

Oil? Small Saucepan? Flour, sugar, and milk? Check!

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