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For those that have been hosted at my house in the spring, summer or fall- you know that for the past few years I have subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Share from a local farm.  Farmers in our area sell their produce, eggs, meat, soap, or whatever they feel like raising/growing/making directly to consumers through a “share” program.  There are so many benefits- fresher produce, organically grown, not extensively processed/packaged, and has not travelled long distances/used the gas or other resources to cover multiple states or even countries.

I’m very excited that the time is here to sign up.  This means my fresh, local, farm-raised box will be arriving on my doorstep in a couple of months.  Typically, June brings really good salad greens and light, sweet herbs and veggies.  Yum!  I love surprises and this way it feels like I get a fun gift each week.

I chose to subscribe to a farm that delivers a box directly to my house.  I leave a cooler on my front porch that is big enough to support the bushel box.  It comes with beans, veggies, squash, salads, and all sorts of other things that I sometimes don’t even know how to use.  But I always figure it out- between recipe searches on the internet and the St. Paul Farmers Market cookbook (thanks to Sweet Diane and the Healy’s for a great wedding gift!)

I’m especially looking forward to cooking lunches for my new clients that include this farm-fresh produce, meat and eggs.  I’m sure that if I get vegetables I am not familiar with, that my clients probably have never eaten it and will be expanding their palates.  I can’t wait!

If you’re interested in researching CSA’s- here is a link I have used to find farms in the past.  http://www.landstewardshipproject.org/csa.html

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